How hard is to go One Chain To Another?

Imagine you want sell a token in Harmony Chain and buy some on Eth Chain, can you imagine the hassle?

Not With Archie Aggregator




DEX aggregators allow crypto traders to benefit from different connected decentralized exchanges in a single interface. Instead of going to DEXs separately to check liquidity and trade price impact, traders can access the liquidity pools of many decentralized exchanges from one website.
DEX aggregators source liquidity from different DEXs & thus offer users better token swap rates than they could get on any single DEX.

ArchieAggregator Timeline

Q4 2022

  • Introduce 18 Blockchains and MetaMask Wallet

  • V2 with new UI/UX and 19 Blockchains

Q1 2023

Q2 2023

  • 17 WALLETS


Q3 2023

Q4 2023


How Do
DEX Aggregators Work?

  • DEX Aggregators Source Liquidity From Different Dexs And Thus Offer Users Better Token Swap Rates Than They Could Get On Any Single DEX. DEX Aggregators Have The Ability To Optimize Slippage, Swap Fees And Token Prices Which, When Done Right, Offer A Better Rate For Users.
  • For Instance, A Swap Deal Split Between Several Dexs Can Get A User An Overall Better Price Than A Swap On Any Single Exchange.
  • A Dex Aggregator’s Main Task Is To Offer A User Better Swap Rates Than Any Specific Dex Can Offer And To Do That In The Shortest Possible Time. Other Major Tasks Are Protecting Users From Price Impact And Reducing The Probability Of Failed Transactions.
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Why Traders Like

  • A decentralized exchange (DEX) is a cryptocurrency exchange that operates without the involvement of a central authority or third party. As a result, a user retains full control of their funds stored or traded on DEXs, which offer a higher degree of security than centralized exchanges (CEXs).
  • Decentralized exchanges rest on the Ethereum blockchain and require Ethereum smart contracts to operate. On the other hand, centralized exchanges are run by a third party, which collects trading fees.
  • CEXs do not sit entirely on the blockchain. Because CEXs are not on the blockchain, they are faster, and it is possible to transact fiat as well as crypto

Why ArchieAggregator?

Deeper Pool of Liquidity Check

DEX aggregators provide a deeper pool of liquidity for traders who want to trade large amounts of digital tokens. If you are looking to convert a large position in a recently issued token into a stablecoin, for example, you may find it difficult to do that on just one decentralized exchange due to a lack of liquidity. However, if you use a liquidity aggregator, you are more likely to source the liquidity you need to exit your token position without creating too much slippage.

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Better Execution Price

You will typically receive a better execution price using a DEX aggregator that on a single DEX. Aggregators are built to enable traders to fill trades at the best possible level across a range of liquidity pools. So, for price-sensitive traders and investors, it makes sense to use a liquidity aggregator instead of only a single decentralized trading platform.

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Better Privacy on your Transactions

As the same vein as “traditional” decentralized exchanges, DEX aggregators add a layer of privacy to crypto trading that you cannot find on centralized exchanges. Unlike centralized exchanges that typically require users to fill out a KYC onboarding process, anyone with a crypto wallet and an internet connection can log onto a liquidity aggregator online and convert one digital asset for another. No ID verification is required, and you will not be asked to fill out any paperwork.

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Non-Custodial of your Tokens

DEX aggregators are typically non-custodial exchange platforms, which means that traders always retain control over their funds. Whereas on centralized exchanges, you need to deposit coins and thus give up their private keys for the duration they are held on the platform, liquidity aggregators allow you to directly trade from and to your crypto wallet.

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User friendly Dashbaord

Liquidity aggregators improve the decentralized trading experience as they provide user-friendly dashboards where a few clicks suffice to trade millions in digital tokens within seconds

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  • Most existing DEXs (decentralized exchanges) suffer from the twin problems of a lack of liquidity and high slippage. Those problems have only grown as the number of assets and chains continue to increase. What this means in practice is that users are still forced to configure and connect to various DEXs to buy assets. Those wishing to trade must then use inefficient bridges to move assets from one DEX to another. The whole process is time consuming, inefficient and expensive, and it lacks security.
  • But Archie Aggregator doesn’t only aggregate liquidity, it also focuses on pricing. The cross-chain swap pathfinder algorithm helps users split orders not only between DEXs, but also across chains to find the best pricing available. Further, any occurring slippage is updated in real time to ensure the best deals at any given moment.
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